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Are you spending too much back-and-forth time trying to nail down plans with your client?


Would you like to improve efficiency in communication with your project lead and employees?


Is lack or foresight eating away at your bottom line?

Do you want to provide a more professional presentation to your client?

Stunning detail in the design adds a regal touch to this wet bar.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I can help. Add me as one of your subcontractors! I'll save you time, money and the headache of miscommunication. I'll get to the heart of what your client truly wants and align those expectations with both budget and the limitations and unique qualities of the area they are (re)designing.

I can help with any room that needs cabinetry, clever storage solutions and a refreshing layout. Take a look at my portfolio for kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry and mudroom layouts.

Here is what I consider to put your whole vision together:

  • Cabinetry & unique storage solutions

  • Paint & Stain

  • Tile & Countertop

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

  • Hardware and Plumbing Fixtures

  • Electrical Outlet Postitioning


Let me become a part of your team so you can build a stronger business!

Your initial consultation is always free and on-site.
"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

                                   ~Steve Jobs

Left image is the rendering and right image is the finished product.
Hardware greatly influences the feel of a room and is a feature I will talk about with your client.
I have a plethora of clever cabinetry and storage solutions!
The Professional Touch

I consider the small details from fixtures to specialized drawers, to brand of appliances your client should consider. This will help ensure a professional project is delivered, less work-order changes and more referrals headed your way!

Realistic renderings (above-right) of the cabinets, layout and design are provided at the onset of a project. My dedication to the cabinetry business and advanced 3D modeling system allows me to create realistic and stunning renderings.
How this will help your business
  • Client understands what they're getting from the onset which helps to seal the deal and decreases work-order changes down the road.
  • You receive a single source of reliable measurements and design specs.
  • The plans you hand off to your client are stunning, professional and branded with your company's name!
Accurate 3D renderings solidify the vision.


  • Initial on-site meeting with contractor

  • Meet with client to discuss design goals

  • Measuring Appointment/Obtain all desing specs

  • Hand off deliverables and discuss details with contractor.

Deliverables (branded with your business)

  • Floor Plan

  • Renderings

  • Elevation Drawings

I will first meet and discuss plans with you, the contractor. I'll get on the same page with any plans you currently have and discuss concerns that may arise.

Next I will speak with your client to discuss their vision, offer advice and ideas on materials, design, layout and steer them in a realistic direction to stay within budget. I then schedule a second on-site appointment to gather all necessary measurements.

Lastly, plans will be developed to streamline the cabinet and material ordering process and installation. You can also hand off these plans branded in your name to present to the client, leaving your client assured of the design choices.

With Profound Kitchen & Cabinet Design, your contracting business has an in-house design team!



DESIGN RESOURCE: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting
DESIGN RESOURCE: Milarc Cabinets
DESIGN RESOURCE: Tharp Custom Cabinetry
We proudly work with BKI Woodworks!

Profound Kitchen & Cabinet Design partners with the best cabinet builders in Boulder, Loveland and Fort Collins in northern Colorado to ensure a quality product and the look you desire. Above are links to to brands we trust!

Not sure who to use for building and installation after your cabinet and kitchen interior design? Amanda will steer you in the right direction and can even meet you on the showroom floor to help with the decision process.


Mon - Fri
9:00am - 5:00pm

(970) 236-8654


Coffee, anyone? If we're not meeting in your home or a showroom, my office is your favorite coffee shop and I would love to talk about your project over a cup of coffee! I am a Loveland area cabinet planner and cabinet design specialist who serves the entire Front Range area, from Denver to Fort Collins.


Let's meet! I'm excited to start a conversation with you to see how our businesses can partner. You can give me a call, email or fill out a project form and I'll get back to you promptly!

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