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You have found a great resource for kitchen, bathroom, closet, office and garage remodels. I share my ideas and inspiration with you so you can feel empowered to create that perfect space—take a look below!

Here's Why You Should Hire A Kitchen Designer When Working With A Contractor or Custom Home Builder

Hiring a professional Kitchen Designer is akin to using a specialist in healthcare instead of a general practitioner. If you have a specific healthcare need you seek the advice of the professional in that field. They will steer you in the right direction with up-to-date knowledge.

Consider me your kitchen and cabinet healthcare specialist. I live, eat, breath the latest design trends and I specifically consider the minute details in cabinetry, functionality and lighting when planing out your kitchen. While contractors excel at the construction and execution of the overall project, kitchen designers bring specialized expertise in to optimize the layout, functionality, and aesthetics of the kitchen space. Here are some compelling reasons to consider hiring a Kitchen Designer (me) alongside your contractor.

Optimize kitchen beauty and function with a dedicated designer.
Optimize kitchen beauty and function with a dedicated designer.
1. Specialized Expertise:

Kitchen designers possess specific knowledge and expertise in kitchen layouts, ergonomics, storage solutions and design principles. They understand how to create a kitchen that is not only visually appealing but also functional and efficient for your specific needs.

2. Personalization and Customization:

A kitchen designer works closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences and requirements. They can tailor the design to suit your unique tastes, ensuring that your kitchen reflects your individual style and serves your daily needs effectively. We also know the latest trends and classic styles such as fixtures, finishes and color palettes that stand the test of time.

Small kitchen spaces really benefit from thoughtful design for optimal use.
Small kitchen spaces really benefit from thoughtful design for optimal use.

3. Optimized Kitchen Layout:

Kitchen designers excel at space planning and optimizing the kitchen layout. They can create a seamless flow between different work areas, such as the cooking, prep, and cleanup zones, resulting in a more efficient and user-friendly kitchen. And when space is limited, we capitalize on every square inch.

4. Material and Finishes Selection: A kitchen designer can assist you in choosing the right materials, finishes and color schemes to achieve the desired look and feel of your kitchen. They consider factors like durability, maintenance, and compatibility with your overall home design.

5. Creative and Innovative Solutions: Kitchen designers are well-versed in the latest trends and innovative kitchen storage solutions. They can offer creative ideas and design elements that you might not have thought of, elevating the overall aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. Friends will come to your house and think, "That is SO smart—I want that shelf". General contractors may not be as concerned with these details, but this is what I love!

6. Collaboration with Your Contractor:

When working alongside a contractor, a kitchen designer can collaborate effectively to ensure that the design is seamlessly integrated into the construction process. This collaboration can lead to smoother project execution and a more cohesive end result.

7. Avoid Costly Mistakes:

Design errors in the kitchen can be costly to rectify later in the construction process. With a kitchen designer’s expertise, the risk of such mistakes is minimized due to thoughtful and accurate measurements that consider appliances and fixtures saving you time and money.

Accurate measurements and detailed plans can save time and money.
Accurate measurements and detailed plans can save time and money.

8. Project Management and Coordination:

Kitchen designers can assist in coordinating various aspects of the project, such as selecting and sourcing materials, coordinating deliveries and overseeing the installation of design elements. My job doesn't stop at the design. I care about you and your finished product and I'll see it through to the end!

9. Focus on Functionality and Safety:

Kitchen designers prioritize functionality and safety in their designs. They can recommend kitchen layouts and features that enhance efficiency, organization, and safety during food preparation and cooking.

10. Value Addition to Your Home:

A well-designed kitchen adds significant value to your home. By hiring a kitchen designer, you can ensure that your kitchen becomes a standout feature that enhances the overall appeal and resale value of your property. A kitchen designer is worth every penny. In conclusion, hiring a kitchen designer alongside your contractor can result in a well-designed, functional and visually appealing kitchen that perfectly suits your lifestyle and preferences. Their expertise complements the skills of the contractor leading to a successful and satisfying kitchen remodeling or construction project. Schedule your free consultation with me today—I can't wait to meet you!

If you could improve one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?

  • Storage & Cabinets

  • Fixtures, Finishes & Countertops

  • Appliances

  • Lighting

**This not only applies to kitchens, but also bathrooms, living rooms, basements, laundry rooms, master closets, offices, and garages to optimize storage and functionality, as well as beauty!**


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