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You have found a great resource for kitchen, bathroom, closet, office and garage remodels. I share my ideas and inspiration with you so you can feel empowered to create that perfect space—take a look below!

Utilitarian, (And Dare We Say) Gorgeous Garage

What makes a great garage?

Has "clean the garage" been on your to-do list for months, even years? Let's tackle the project once and for all so you can be organized and enjoy the space while you get projects done, big or small.

The garage is also a great space to enjoy when it's too hot or cold to sit on your porch. Make your garage a welcoming place to hang out, perhaps even the hub of the neighborhood by enjoying the view and interacting with your neighbors.

What could an organized garage do for you?

An organized garage will give you back time, potentially money and defiantly some level of sanity. We spend a significant portion of lives—on average 5,000 hours—just looking for our things and the garage can be one of the largest black holes. Have you ever purchased something, left it in the garage (which you promised yourself you would remember) and come back to look for it down the road only to have forgotten where it is or if you even bought that item? And back to hardware store you go for the duplicitous purchase. Don't let a messy garage rob you of time and money!

Having a specific spot for different items (tools, gardening supplies, his/her project areas) will make organization significantly easier—things need a place to go in order to be organized! and thoughtful cabinetry with storage solutions is one of the best solutions. It's my job to help you find the best storage solutions for your garage and budget... all you have to do is daydream about what your ideal garage would look like to you (and your partner).


So, how do we get this all into one space?

  1. Let’s break it down to functionality. Think about what you currently do in your garage and what you'd like to do in your garage. Do you want dust-free storage for all of your tools, camping gear, yard and home supplies? What about a clean and organized workbench where all of your tools can easily be found and are within reach?

  2. Dust settles everywhere! Create a dust-free environment for your storage space. You have put a good amount of investment into the items in your garage, so why not protect them with adjustable, closed door storage?

  3. Slatwall is key! Every garage could use a slatwall—an all-in-one organizational system characterized by horizontal grooves (slats) used with attachments like bins and hooks that can be flexibleand easily updated to fit just about all tools. The material is warrantied for life, durable, versatile and user-friendly.

  4. Let's get away for the weekend. Camping and weekend road trips are a favorite in the mountain west. Place all of your gear in one cabinet or bins that can go right in the car so that they are easily accessible and organized. Make that impulsive getaway convenient with proper organization.

  5. Butcher block is not just for the kitchen! The best material for a workbench top is solid maple butcher block where you can sand out any dings and holes from working with wood, screws and nails.

  6. Think about everyone! It's important to consider everyone who will be using the garage space (that may include kids and pets). Bring everyone to the table about their needs and wants for the space.


Getting the job done!

  1. So, where do you start? Don't panic, call me! I'll take a look at all of your needs for this space, ask a lot of questions and get some clever ideas going.

  2. I'll create a 3D rendering, plan and elevations of what your garage could look like based on our conversation and the measurements of the space.

  3. Let's build it! Together we will discuss the cabinetry design options: colors, style, hardware, and overall feeling of the space. These plans will go to your selected contractor and cabinet builder for fabrication and installation.

  4. Live THE DREAM! Now that your garage is completed, this might just become your favorite space in the house - a functional, organized and great looking space for all of your needs—now your garage is working FOR YOU!


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