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You have found a great resource for kitchen, bathroom, closet, office and garage remodels. I share my ideas and inspiration with you so you can feel empowered to create that perfect space—take a look below!

The rise of the HOME OFFICE in the age of a pandemic

Home office use is on the rise and a good design is crucial.
Let's use that wall space effectively and beautifully!

So you're working from home now. How do you optimize your workspace?

A historically large amount of us are spending more time at home. The pandemic forever shifted the logistics of "office work" and over the past year we've been forced to bring our work life into our home.

Before the pandemic 20% of Americans worked from home, and now over 70% of Americans work from home, and 54% would like to continue working from home even after the pandemic ends! If you fall into one or all of these categories, lets get your home office space set up right. Here's why; with a dedicated work space...

  • it's easier to get into work mode mentally and set boundaries for other family members.

  • it will help you stay organized which will save you time and eliminate unnecessary. frustrations and potentially help you with productivity.

  • you can choose furniture to help promote movement, posture and health.

  • we'll consider color, lighting and aesthetics to elevate your mood.

On average we work 1800 hours a year. Make the most of this time with a functional and delightful place to work. The age of the HOME OFFICE has arrived and I'll be your guide navigating you through thoughtful design for a functional work area with storage, shelves and aesthetic appeal.

Where should you start?

First, we'll talk about the fundamental aspects of your office (general work area) so that you're just as effective, if not more so in your new space. More than likely you'll need adequate space for your computer, perhaps dedicated open surface to give you room to spread out documents and of course we'll consider those coffee refills;).

Along with the big stuff, we'll also consider lighting, cord management, file storage and stationary items like post-it notes and pens. We can conveniently tuck away the printer with storage for paper too. And let's give you a waste-paper basket/recycling area that's worthy of the work you do. Throughout the design process I'll ask you what you use to the most, what you need easy access too and what is literally a pain in the back—we'll get it right this time!

And if this is a multi-use area like a family room, library or TV room, It's important to have the functionality of both while being easily interchangeable throughout the day or week. We'll discuss options to keep the integrity of both rooms.



Take the time to consider your ideal work setup and what work-oriented pains you experience at the end of your day.

Perhaps it's time for an additional monitor to eliminate unnecessary clicks to sort through windows and applications. Or maybe you just need to elevate your laptop to eye level and use a remote keyboard to sit up straighter. There are so many clever furniture designs and computer accessories to keep you healthier and happier. Lets discuss some options so we can work it into your budget and desktop layout.

Make The Design Yours

Even though there are many different styles, textures, colors and attributes that can be designed into a home office, there are still some tried-and-true standards that every office requires like ideal desk height for sitting or standing, desk depth from the wall, thoughtful electrical outlet placement, and beautiful open and closed storage options. However, the style, finish, color and fixtures of your cabinetry can be uniquely yours—whether that is traditional and

detailed, modern and minimalist, or anything in between—a design true to you will bring a sense of calm and, dare we say pleasure to your work. This is a space you will be spending a lot of time in so I'll help guide you to the right design and then you get to see it in the renderings before it's built.

Materials & Budget

The materials we spec will depend on your budget and wish list for your space, but materials can range from wood doors and drawers with wood countertops, integrated lighting, solid wood countertops with all of the bells and whistles. Or, we can be more budget-conscious with a beautiful melamine material with laminate countertops. Just about any budget can be used to begin a new home office design. It takes some finesse to create a design which resonates with what you are looking for in this new home office—but that's why you have me.

Here's Where To Start

Your no-fear-home-office designer is to the rescue! The first step is to get in touch with me and set up a complimentary meeting. Together we will go through all of the aspects of your day-to-day workflow and organizational needs, and incorporate a beautiful design. I'll create a 3D rendering, plan and elevations of what your office could look like based on our conversation and the measurements of the space. From there, we will discuss the cabinetry design options: colors, style, hardware, and overall feeling of the space. I will prepare the plans that will go to your selected contractor and cabinet builder for fabrication and installation.


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