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How to Use Every Square Inch of Space In Your Closet - No Matter How Much “Stuff” You Have!

To help orgnaize your closet, first identify pockets of empty space.

First, Identify Wasted Space

The usual areas of wasted space are underneath your long and medium hang items, along the top shelf, and within stacks of clothing where shelves are not adjustable. If you’re lucky enough to have a designated long hang area (for dresses), the clothing rod is typically set higher than necessary which leaves an empty space below. Use this space for organizing your shoes with this short and wide unit from Target.


Next, Get Some Depth.

Do you find yourself folding sweatshirts or jeans differently just so they’ll fit on the shelf? One of the reasons your closet keeps getting disorganized—even after you’ve refolded everything—is the folded pile gets higher in the back and lower in the front. This is because the standard closet shelves are 12 inches deep... and that is way too shallow. Folded clothing needs 16-inch deep shelves so you can fold items regularly and no part of the clothing hangs over the front.

Try using 16-inch shelves to keep your clothes organized.
Deeper shelves help your clothes stay neatly stacked.
Avoid messy piles of clothes with 16-inch shelves
Stacks of clothes crumble with shallow shelves.

Without deeper shelves, you’re forced to fold things in a quirky way, otherwise clothing will perpetually be hanging over the front and look messy, no matter how nicely you stack them. Consider adding deeper shelving into your space to allow everything to fit on the shelves and have some breathing space too. You’ll be amazed at what a change this small adjustment makes- this simple rule will make sure your closet look tidy. We suggest using this deeper shelving unit to keep things in line.

Adjustable shelves really help with space efficiency!

Adjustable Shelving Saves The Day!

If you have wire shelving or the shelves are solid but are not adjustable, its difficult to really get the most out of them. Consider adding a column of adjustable shelving to your space, or add these Shelf Inserts from Target, 16" Deep.

Use Space From Floor To Ceiling

Many builders or standard closets have a top shelf that does not go to the ceiling, and usually stops a foot or two from the ceiling. Don't be shy, utilize that space with cupboard style shelves that can discretely hide storage items in a very beautiful way.

Remember, you don't have to take this on by yourself. I'm here to walk you through any remodel. And with a free initial consultation, there's no risk involved and only knowledge to gain. Schedule your consultation here and be Profound!


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