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How To Create A Functional Mudroom

What makes a great mudroom?

While function is at the heart of ever thoughtful mudroom, often times this well-trodden space is the first to greet us when arrive home too. We hang our keys and kick off our shoes here, but it can also set the stage for the home's ambiance. The mudroom should organize and tantalize; it should function and entice—it sets the tone as you enter the home.


What can your mudroom do for you?

  1. Let’s break it down to functionality: Take a moment to really consider what you need your mudroom to do for you— this is going to be the foundation of your design. Do you need to do laundry, store cleaning supplies, organize every-day shoes, boots, coats, backpacks, and have a drop zone for keys and grocery bags? Maybe you even have the need for an at-home dog and kid wash area. Take some time to form a running list of what your mudroom does and doesn't do well and what you dream if could do. Let’s get into the details...

  2. This laundry is not going to do itself. We may have another few decades before our dirty laundry can wash, dry, fold and put itself away, but for now, let’s make it feel like less of a chore. Whether you have a stackable washer/dryer, front loaders or top-load side-by-sides, there are plenty of positive design elements that can work with any orientation. I'll design around your washer and dryer system to give you thoughtful shelving and storage to promote easy organization. It's also important to have open countertop space. To often we shy away from work because there isn't a space for it be carried out efficiently, so in this case, we let clothes sit in the dryer or we plop them on a bed just to get mixed back in with dirty clothes. Let's do laundry smarter!

  3. Where is the vacuum? What if all the supplies you need to clean the your house were in one cabinet? The vacuum, broom and mop, glass cleaner, bleach and even your ironing board all live here in this one spot. You'll be surprised at how much time you can save by having one central spot for all your cleaning supplies. And a dedicated broom closet will keep these supplies organized and easy to reach to pluck out in a moment's notice. Let’s make cleaning the house a little less daunting and little more quick and convenient!

  4. Kids, dogs, cats, life. Some of the people we love most in our lives can also be, how shall we put it, less than clean. However if you give them their own space, it's much easier for them be organized. The kids will know exactly where to find their shoes and backpack when you have two minutes to get out the door (they also know exactly where the shoes and backpack go when they get home!). I'll suggest clever tools from cubbies to coat hooks that make organization much more attainable.

  5. Drop Zone for all. We are often walking from the car through the garage door into the house with our hands full of car keys, a phone, a water bottle, and all the grocery bags in one trip so we don’t have to go back to the car for another load. A drop zone is extremely useful by being a great landing space for all the things you need to bring into the house.

  6. Extra Credit Dog wash areas (AKA muddy kid washing areas) are becoming more and more popular in our homes. Many times a sink is a staple in any laundry/mudroom, but you can cram even more functionality into it with a small tiled area with its own faucet and a tall platform. Let's discuss what you use your sink for the most, or perhaps the most laborious task you perform with it, and then I'll suggest different basins, fixtures and backsplashes that will serve you well into the future.

7. Entice The Senses: Lets not forget to add a touch of whimsy to the mudroom. Engage your senses with a positive note when you first step into your home and it will truly feel like a sanctuary. This could be a small plant on a windowsill, a splash of color on an accent wall, the scent from you favorite candle or that family picture that melts your heart. Greet yourself with something special in the mudroom!


So, how do we get this all into one space?

Don’t panic - call me! I’ll take a look at all of your needs for this space, ask a lot of questions and get some ideas going.

  1. Show you. I’ll create a 3D rendering, plan and elevations of what your mudroom could look like based on our conversation and the measurements I take of the space.

  2. Build it. Together we will discuss the cabinetry design options—colors, style, hardware, and overall feeling of the space.

Live THE DREAM! Now that your mudroom is completed, you might want to put your feet up because you just saved yourself a bunch of time, effort and headaches now that your mudroom is working FOR YOU!


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