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Hi, I'm Amanda Bus, your cabinet and organizational solution finder!


Profound Kitchen & Cabinet Design
is founded on the principles of integrity and client satisfaction through thoughtful design.


  • Schedule your complimentary,
    on-site consultation (1 Hour)

  • Receive Full Design Package prepared for your Cabinet Builder and General Contractor


  • Measurements

  • Floor Plan

  • Renderings

  • Elevation Drawings

Your design plans will put all parties on the same page leaving less room for error and costly mistakes!


Welcome! I'm Amanda and I have a huge passion for cabinet design. I knew that I wanted to be an interior designer since I was thirteen (and nothing has stopped me from pursuing that dream). I went to college for Interior Design with an emphasis on Auto Cad (aka 3D rendering).


Directly after graduation, my first job was with a cabinetry company where I both got my feet wet and fell in love with the functionality and aesthetic possibilities of cabinetry. Since then I have worked with several excellent cabinetry companies in sales, project management and design and engineering roles.


I stay immersed in all things cabinetry and its functional possibilities throughout the home. I have the most fun completing tough kitchen cabinet design projects in Loveland and Northern Colorado! I enjoy being creative, learning what my client needs and creating the design that represents their style and storage needs all while staying within budget.

I can't wait to work with you on a home kitchen cabinet design project in Loveland or Northern Colorado, to get your remodel going in the right direction! Put over fourteen years of design experience and industry knowledge in your corner. As an experienced Northern Colorado and Loveland area kitchen planner and cabinet design specialist, I'll lead you to an authentic and cutting-edge design that fits your home, location, and style.

I provide you with: measurements, floor plans, renderings and elevation drawings.
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